Halo concept artist blogs portfolio for fan costumers!

Bungie concept artist Issac Hannaford blogs his enormous collection of unpublished Halo concept art, offers it up to the 405th Infantry!

 I just stumbled across this today via unrealitymag.com. I haven’t seen or heard it anywhere, so it might be noteworthy. In early January 2011 Bungie concept artist Issac Hannaford started a blog, and has been uploading entire galleries of unpublished and high resolution files of his concept artwork from the development of Halo: Reach, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo 3. This artwork spans the development of the iconic characters and weapons that populate the modern age Halo universe.

 What’s more incredible that that? He’s offered up this enormous gallery of source material to “to the talented creators/sculptors/artists over at the 405th Infantry” and  added ” I hope they might find some use or inspiration from them” Incredible!!!! He’s doing this for the costume making fan community!

 Speaking personally, I think this is unprecedented and astounding to see a game studio artist offer up his collection directly to the fans that crave it. To be able to browse through his portfolio of concept design and finished illustrations and watch the armor, weapons, and environments taking shape, to see alternate and cutting room floor concepts that never made it into the games.. it is a treasure trove.

 But don’t take my word for it, go browse through the mother lode yourself:  http://www.isaachannaford.com/

Many thanks Issac, the 405th Infantry salutes you!!!


I gotta go change my pants!



One Response to “Halo concept artist blogs portfolio for fan costumers!”
  1. rayson says:

    Awesomeness great pics

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