A Gallery of Fan Art that demonstrates just how horrible the new Wonder Woman costume is.

So I started fuming about this last night and since it carried into this morning I felt it was worth exploring here. Earlier this week the first images of the new costume made for the Wonder Woman TV show project started showing up at every geeksite across the internet. Response ranged from the typical internet misogynist: ‘I’d hit that” to the collective sigh of disappointment from fans of the DC franchise… as if millions of nerd voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.


Well, I think anyone familiar with the story of how this project came to be aren’t at all surprised that it is circling the drain before it even starts. In January of this year  Ally McBeal TV Producer David E. Kelly threw a tantrum that his bid to reboot the Wonder Woman television series hadn’t been well received. After all the major networks passed on the first round NBC inexplicably agreed to support the pilot. Kelly cast ‘Friday Night Lights’ star Adrianne Palicki as the Amazonian heroine. Then the infamous image surfaced this week giving us our first look at Ms. Palicki’s as the beloved character.

 Why does this matter? Why is it important at all what Ally McBeal does to reboot Wonder Woman? Firstly, if Kelly screws up this franchise it’s very unlikely that any other director will want to step in to fix the mess. That means no big screen ‘Justice League’ adaptation in the foreseeable future. It would be a huge loss to wreck WW’s image with a half-assed TV adaptation while another Superman film is in the works and Christopher Nolan‘s impeccable Dark Knight series is at it’s height of popularity, not to mention so many other DC characters that are getting the Hollywood treatment (Green Lantern, The Flash, , etc.). In short; David Kelly’s Wonder Woman could not only be a franchise killer for the Amazonian princess.. but could nullify the progress made by DC’s other well handled franchises.

 Secondly, and more insultingly is the tragic decision to portray  the Queen of all strong female heroine’s as a Halloween hooker costumed glamour model pornstar. Kelly’s proposed costume looks more like a “Sexy Wonder Woman” Halloween costume than a realistic cinematic concept. It’s even more cartoonish than Lynda Carter‘s 1970’s costume with the stars emblazoned on the underwear. Can you imagine Palicki running in that get-up? Not only is there no support for her prodigious mammatory muffin top, but think of the dolphin-like squeaks and squeals coming from that atrocity when she moves! There is not a shred of real-world authenticy in that costume. Ever sit on a vinyl couch on a warm summer day?

 Wonder Woman is a fucking Amazonian Princess Superheroine, not a glamor model. She should look like a badass, have an athletic build, and if they put any make-up on her at all it should be very subtle. Her costume should look like it comes from antiquity, not the mall.

 I mourn the opportunity missed to give a new generation of girls a realistic heroine that doesn’t look like a pornstar. If David Kelly fucks this up, no director will ever touch it again.. It’ll be a ‘Justice League’ killer. And little girls everywhere will have lost their champion.

 The following gallery is comprised of Fan Art and other costume concepts that have been circulating for years and demonstrate that not only is it possible to update Diana‘s look with both dignity and realism, but that the fans have known exactly how it should be done FOR YEARS and there is a goddamn wealth of fan art that is ten times better than what was shown this week.

 But I’m sure David E. Kelly knows all that.

 (click for embiggened versions)

Many thanks to all of the fan artists shown here and all of you who have shared your thoughts about this subject with me in the last few days. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll have an influence on the dreadful decisions being made at the top of this project.

I’ve done my best to credit the sources of these images within the filenames. Scroll over the images for more info.

4 Responses to “A Gallery of Fan Art that demonstrates just how horrible the new Wonder Woman costume is.”
  1. Man… fuck Facebook for not showing the thumbnail with this link. I give up.

  2. It’s a bit gothicy…which is not particularly bad but its not what it used to be.

  3. steamtron says:

    I personally don’t care much about Wonder Woman. Her costume has never looked very good. It’s out of date and goofy. Maybe she needs some skin tight pants.
    I have a girl in a spider-man suit on my blog you might want to also post on here. It’s quite appropriate.


  4. I had a copy of the pilot episode of wonder woman.

    am glad it never reach full production.

    especially because the whole show was gear to sell the toy line. Imagine, a billionaire Amazon super hero that made all her money by selling off her wonder woman branded doll. Her rival/bad guy was a competing toy manufacture ceo bent in taking over her toy empire no matter what the cost. LOL

    seriously, I have no idea how these producers make money and “us” fans don’t make a cent.

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