Do-It-Yourself Packing Tape Body Molds and Casts

First published 05-27-2008 at the 405th Infantry Division forums In the process of creating costume armor we are routinely faced with the challenge of ensuring that our costumes are fit to our bodies with absolute comfort and accuracy. Many costumes makers will bypass this obstacle by scaling paper models of the works to their own … Continue reading

Dual Layer Halo Visor Mini-Tutorial

First published 06-21-2007 at the 405th Infantry Division forums    Adam requested that I pony up the technique I used to make the Blue Realm style Dual Layer visors for my helmet, so I thought that I should share it with all of you. Being that I’ve been a little behind… on finishing the comprehensive tutorial, … Continue reading

Tutorial population: 0 and growing!

Please bear with me as I begin the process of importing the tutorials I’ve written for various websites over the years. They may not go up in perfect chronological order, but I should be able to fix that in time. Please let me know if you don’t see something here that I posted elsewhere or … Continue reading